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Dolphin Lodge Bali - Allows you to privately interact with the beautiful and friendly dolphin in the ocean, it's only one in Bali. Make your holiday in Bali more fun and memorable, playing with our cute and friendly dolphins.

About Dolphin Lodge Bali

Dolphin lodge Bali is a dolphin conservation marine park located in Sanur Bali Indonesia, Aim to rescue and aducational activities about this marine mamals. Here you can learn about dolphin life and interact with these beautiful marine mammals closely. The Dolphin lodge designed by floating  pen in the Ocean, it's means that all of the dolphins stay alive in the sea / their habitat (instead of chlorinated water in pool). 

Dolphin Lodge Bali - It's Fun, Educational and an Unforgettable encounter of a lifetime!

Through this Bali dolphin interacting program, it will increase your knowledge about this marine mamal life and you will amaze with their intelligence. in this program you will have chance to playing, kissing, hugging and even carry him (about 150 pons in your hands). We have cared for and trained the dolphin as well, so that they become friendly and happy to interact with humans.

Regularly we "Dolphin Lodge Bali" run 3 sessions a day (Session 1 : Start 9.00 am, Session 2 : Start 10.30 am, Session 3 : Start 1.30 pm, and duration for each session is 30 minutes.

nadell campbell

"Wonderful day interacting with the dolphins"

Just wanted to email and let you know that my sister and I had a wonderful time today interacting with the dolphins. Your business seams professional and respectful of the dolphins themselves!! I will recommend you to my friends and hopefully can bring my daughter back next year. Best of luck with your plans to expand!! -- Nadell Campbell - Western Australia

sharon dolphin

"Fantastic, Absolute Must!"

Absolute must! This is not a swimming experience but you get to interact so much! In a small group of 6 you get some much time, we had Jasmine who was delightful and had been with her trainer for 7 years. There is nothing cruel with this as they have all be rescued- Jas was blind in one eye and had had surgery on her nose after being caught in nets. She seemed extremely happy. -- Sharon S - Melbourne Australia

sue j dolphin

"Fantastic day at the Bali Dolphin experience"

Had a fantastic day at the Bali Dolphin experience. Went in the Victorian July school holidays so our booking to get in the water with the dolphins was made months before we left Australia. The boat took us out to the pens where the dolphins are. These pens are a good size and the dolphins appeared to enjoy the training and the constant feed of fish, they loved hugging and kissing LOL. -- Sue J - Australia

diva dolphin

"A Life Changing Experince"

Brilliant, excellent, awesome, inspiring, mind blowing, gentle creatures. We really enjoyed what I believe was a once in a life time opportunity to engage one on one with a dolphin. We met Ricky Martin. Recommend this experience to everyone who wishes to meet a Dolphins. -- Diva - South Affrica

Dolphin Lodge Bali program options

We offers you 3 program option that you can choose, the first is the Dolphin interaction program, in this program you will be allowed to interact directly with dolphins in the water, such as: playing, kissing, hugging and even carry him in your hand. And the 2nd is Dolphin Watching Only, this means is that you are invited to enjoy the show from the top (not in water) and take a photo with a dolphin at the end of the session. And the number 3th is Swim With Dolphin, in this program you are actually allowed to swim with dolphins in the water, each group containing a maximum of 8 participants with 2 dolphins in the pen.

dolphin lodge bali

Dolphin Lodge Bali Tour Programs Itinerary

Overall, This dolphin trip will take about 2.5 - 3 hours from pickup to arrive back at the hotel again.

The activity begins in the morning or according to your session (Check session schedule here), our driver came to the hotel to pick you up, it takes about 30 minutes travel time from Kuta to our dolphin lodge office.

dolphin lodge office After arriving at our dolphin lodge office in Serangan, all participants will have a chance about 15 minutes for a coffee break, change your own swimsuit and take off all your jewelry that could potentially injure the dolphin, and then you will board to the speed boat, it's about 5 minutes to reach the dolphin lodge in the sea by speedboat.


dolphin lodge bali floating poolBefore the activity begins, our dolphin instructors will give a briefing about the important rules or instructions about what things you can do and what not to do when interacting with the dolphin. You will have about 35 minutes duration to Interact with the dolphin in the pool, enjoy the private interaction with our friendly dolphin, such as: kissing, hugging, playing in many trick and even carry him in your hand.

After enjoying your dolphin interaction session, we will transfer you back to the dolphin lodge office by speed boat and you will have 15 - 20 minutes break time to change your clothes, take a coffee, fresh fruit or soft drink before we send you back to your hotel.

Check Dolphin Lodge Bali Program Schedules and Rates

About Dolphin

Dolphin is one of the marine mammals that have high intelligence, they have an unique and complex body system, so much technology inspired by dolphins.

Dolphins use their sonar system to find a way or to communicate with other dolphins. They do not sleep, only half asleep, it was to keep his body does not sink.

The young dolphin have a length about 1.2 meters and weighs around 60 kg, and they can grow up to 5 meters long and 5 tons of weighs. With their intelligence, dolphins can be trained and do a variety of attractions and also get to playing with humans.

At this time, the dolphin is scarce and protected, so that the requirements for captive breeding is very stringent

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Dolphin Lodge Bali Location

Jl. Tirta Empul, Pantai Mertasari Sanur , Bali - Indonesia

dolphin lodge location

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